Netgear Router Default IP For Accessing Login Page | Netgear Router Default IP

What is Netgear Router Default IP?

You need Netgear Router Default IP to access the entire settings of the router. Many home broadband routers seize two valuable IP addresses. We use one for communicating locally. By locally, we mean inside the home network and that is also known as the Private IP Address. Whereas the Public IP is used to connect to the network’s outer area of the local network. Internet Service Providers supply the public (communal) IP address whereas the private IP address is own and controlled by the home or the network owner administrator.

Ok, let us explain to you more often. You bought a brand new device and you haven’t changed the settings (local address) on your own. We consider the IP address as the “Default IP Address”. The device manufacturer or the Internet Service Provider will supply this IP along with the device. When you are performing the task of Netgear Router Setup for the first time, then you must know the IP address in order to get connected to its console. Well, this normally works by pointing a web browser to the IP address (default) in URL bar.

This is also known as the “default gateway” address. The client’s device relies on the device i.e. the router as their gateway to the Internet as well.

Understanding Netgear Default IP

The routers are assigned two IP addresses so that you can connect to the router for settings and network management. They are called Private IP address and Public IP address.
The Private IP is used to connect with the private home network and, the public IP is used to connect with the wider networks that lie outside of the local/private network.

The router’s private IP can be changed easily, but if you have never changed it, then the default IP is used to access the router settings. From the router’s documentation, it is easy to find your default IP. But if you are unable to find the IP then don’t panic. With this easy to follow guide, you can better understand and follow the process. Keep reading and follow the steps carefully.

Finding the Netgear Router Default IP Address on Windows

Follow the steps mentioned below.

Access Netgear Router Settings via Command Prompt

Step 1: Search for Command Prompt or cmd via the search feature in Windows. Now, type ipconfig on command prompt.

Netgear Default IP

Step 3: Now you will be able to see the IP configuration details. You shall see the numbers next to Default Gateway. Those numbers are the router’s IP address.

Access Netgear Router Settings on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1

Step 1: Open Network and Sharing Center by clicking on the network connection icon.

Step 2: Now, if you have wired connection, double click Local Area Connection and then hit the Details button. Your Netgear Router’s default IP address will show up next to IPv4 Address.

But if you have the wireless connection, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Double click the Network Name which is your Wireless Network Connection and hit the Details option. The Netgear router’s IP address will be displayed instantly next to IPv4 Address.

Settings from Windows 10

Step 1: Click on the Start icon and then choose the Settings option.

Step 2: Now open Network & Internet option.

For wired connections, you need to select the Ethernet option from the left menu pane. You need to choose your network connection from there. The router’s IP address will appear next to IPv4 Address.

For wireless connections: Choose the WiFi option in the left menu section and hit Advanced Options. The router’s IP address will appear alongside IPv4 Address.

Finding the Default IP for Netgear Router on Mac OS X 10.5 and later

Step 1: In the Apple menu, click System Preferences. You will see the View menu and from there, select Network.

Step 2: Now, you will be in the Network Preferences window. From there, just hit a click on network port (Ethernet, AirPort, Wi-Fi). In case you’re connected to the internet, you will be able to see the network’s IP address under Status.

Now you can note down the IP address for successful Netgear router login and from there, the settings can be reconfigured.

Changing the Default IP address

Each time when you turn on your router it will use a similar Private Network IP address unless the device owner wishes to change it on his/her requirement. Varying and changing the IP address might be compulsory to avoid conflict with the IP address of a modem or any other device installed on the same IP address already. Well, the administrator has the right to change the IP address that is set as default, before or after the process of Netgear Router Installation.

Changing the IP address may affect its administrative settings like Domain Name System (DNS), WiFi and security settings. They can also affect the network (subnet) mask, Internet connections, etc. So, we strictly recommend our valuable users that do have a word with your IT technician or the Internet Service Provider any disaster such as blocking of network or private settings, etc.

Note: Most of the Internet Service Providers have the record of the home network according to the device (modem or the router) not IP but the MAC official address. On the other hand, Power Cycling (rotating it off and reverse to on) of a device (router) does not affect the configuration of IP address. is Netgear Router Default IP Address

Here is the guide to access the default web page using

First, attach your Router to the computer using an Ethernet cable.

  1. Open any web browser and punch in the default IP – and hit enter key.
  2. The login page will open on your screen.
  3. Just type your username and password in respective fields and hit enter. There you go! Now you can easily configure your device.